ABC Fitness / Muscle Blast / Yoga 


A : Awesome Abs : This class will focus on core strengthening.

B : Bodyweight Bootcamp : Students will use body weight as the source of resistance for the class.

C : Circuit City : In this circuit style class, clients will move through a series of stations using bands, steps, light weights, and other equipment.

Muscle Blast is the perfect blend of high impact cardio moves, low impact weight training and a strong emphasis on carving your core. This is the one stop shop of training. It takes most people 3 hours of gym time to achieve what we accomplish in 55 minutes! Full body metabolic training at it’s finest. Bring your mat, a towel and plenty of water.

The word yoga means to yoke or unite. In this ancient Indian practice the purpose is to bring unity to the mind, body and the spirit. Physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation are just a few of the techniques used to brings us to this one line of focus. A healthy limber body and calm and focused mind will help you to show up to life with your full attention and energy.