Schedule - Ages 10+


Ballet is the fundamental form from which all other dance styles stem. It teaches young dancers discipline and a strong work ethic while also focusing on strengthening and lengthening muscles. We teach a classically technique class focusing on vocabulary, correct posture and execution, and a strong understanding of the dancers’ body. Ballet is essential for any dancer wanting to excel in jazz or contemporary dance. Advanced dancers over the age of 10, may be invited to take Pointe. Only dancers enrolled in pointe may purchase pointe shoes, as dancers without enough strength can easily injure themselves.


Breaking is a street style that is a great class to pair with Urban Choreography.  This class focuses on the four main aspects of breakdance: top rock, footwork, power moves, and freezes.  Dancer will work on strength, coordination, balance, and endurance.


We will be incorporating jazz, musical theatre, lyrical, and contemporary technique and choreography into our jazz classes.  Beginning level dancers will focus strictly on jazz.  Once they have a strong understanding of jazz technique, then they can learn the styles that are derivative of it.

Stemming from a combination of Ballet, theatrical dance, social dances, and African dance, Jazz has grown into a technique focused on extentions, turns, and jumps.  Dancers work on stylizing their movement while also working on changing dynamics.  Lyrical takes jazz technique and focuses on the expressive side.  It is set to softer, emotionally driven music and works on body lines, expression and sustaining balance.  Contemporary follows the role of modern dance.  It works to find everything outside of the guidelines of traditional ballet and jazz technique.  Dancers are encouraged to find their own unique style and movement. 

Stretch and Conditioning

Our strength and strength class is a perfect addition for our dancers training in ballet and/or jazz.  We will split our focus between increasing flexibility and strengthen core muscles needed to support more advanced dance training.  We get the opportunity to really dive into a deeper understanding of how the dancers body works, why we need to work on certain muscle groups, and how we can achieve the results we want.


Tap is a percussive style of dance that focuses on intricate footwork and musicality.  Dancers will learn to listen to music, count, and understand it while they learn a new vocabulary of tap steps and work on rhythm and patterns.

Urban Choreography (Hip Hop)

Urban choreography blends together the techniques from original street styles with current trends and styles.  This high energy class focuses on body awareness, coordination, grooves, and patterning.  More advanced levels focus on adapting to many different styles, incorporating many different dynamics and developing the dancers’ own voice and style.