Enrollment is completed online.  Clients will login to create their own account and will be required to provide credit card information to keep on file for your selected payment plan.  Tuition, as well as any outstanding balance, will be withdrawn from your card on file automatically on the LAST DAY OF THE MONTH for the following month. We accept cash or check prior to the 25th of the month. If we do not receive a payment before tuition is due, your card on file will be charged through our automatic system. Any declined cards or returned checks will be charged a $15.00 fee. Any cancellations made after payment has been processed will result in a $35 fee. See our tuition policies page for more information on youth and adult class tuition. 

Class Make Up Policy - Youth Classes

You may make up missed classes, however they must be used within 30 days from the day of your missed class. It must also be made up within the same session. All makeup classes must be within your age range and the same level (or below).  If you are having trouble finding an acceptable class to attend as your make up, please feel free to ask an Elements staff member to assist you.  We do not refund or adjust tuition for any missed classes. You may take make up classes prior to the day you will be missing. Please contact the Front Desk for assistance. 

Class Placement & Levels

Class leveling is at the discretion of the instructor and dependent on the dancers past training.  Each student is unique and will advance at their own pace; therefore class placement will be based on each dancer’s specific needs.  Students are constantly being assessed during their classes and instructors will approach parents if dancers need to be placed in a different level. 

Class Requirements

All of our classes offer respect and discipline for the art of dance. You must abide by the dress code or you will be asked to leave the class. If you enter a  class late you should stand at the door until you are invited to attend the class. Depending on your level you must attend the amount of classes required for your level.

Private Lesson Requirements

Private lessons are available to anyone, current students or new clients.  They can be booked for an individual or for a group.  Scheduling is dependent on studio and instructor availability.  Please fill out an inquiry form or contact the front desk to set up a lesson. All lessons require 24 hour cancellation notice. Any cancellations made within 24 hours of scheduled lesson will still be charged the full rate.

Drop Classes

If you wish to drop a class from your schedule (or all classes completely), you must see the front desk to complete a drop form.  This form must be submitted 10 business days prior to the next billing date.  Your enrollment continues until this form is completed.  There are no refunds given.

Late Cancel - Adult Classes 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your class, we require a 6 hour notice in order to notify your Instructor so that your reservation may be given to another student on the wait list. Cancellations made after the 6 hour time frame from your start class time will be forfeited with no refunds or credits.  To fully cancel your monthly autopay contract, you must follow the above steps and see the front desk to complete a drop form.  



Attendance is taken each class. You must sign-in at the front desk. Consistency is key to building strong technique and successful dancers.  If you are not able to attend class, please call the front desk to inform your instructor.  When dancers commit to taking a class, they are not only committing to being there for themselves, but they are also committing to the other dancers there, especially when we begin working on choreography for the annual Revue.  If attendance is poor, an Elements faculty member will contact you to find a more suitable class time or resolve the issue. If you miss 2 consecutive classes without notice, your spot in class may be given to another student on the wait list. 

Dancers arriving 10 minutes (or more) late will not be allowed to take class.  We understand that things happen and sometimes traffic is unavoidable, however it not only disrupts class to enter late, it is more importantly unsafe for your dancer to miss warm up and jump into the middle of class.  We recommend taking a full make-up class instead.

Parent Viewing

We have viewing windows for Studios 1 and 2 (classes with younger dancers will be held here).  You may watch your dancers but we ask that you do not try to engage with them i.e. knocking on the windows, waving, talking through the glass.  We want your dancers to feel comfortable knowing that you are outside, but then they need to turn their full attention and trust over to their instructor.  Studio 3, 4, and 5 do not have any viewing windows.  This is to eliminate any distractions for the dancers and help them to truly focus on their instructor and themselves.  Occasionally the instructor will invite parents in at the end of class to show what the dancers are currently working on and to make any relevant announcements.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Dancers should arrive 10 minutes before class begins and be picked up within 10 minutes of class ending.  Dancers should arrive ready for class, dressed appropriately and with the correct shoe.  If you are dropping your child off, please make sure they have safely entered the building before you leave.  Please do not leave young children or siblings at the studio unattended.

Food and Drink

No chewing gum during class.  Food and drinks are not allowed in the studios.  Only water will be allowed (and encouraged!).  It is the responsibility of all dancers to pick up after themselves and dispose of their food/trash to keep our common areas clean.

Cell Phones

All dancer cell phones must be on silent and stored away inside their bags.  Cell phone use is not allowed during class.  If you want to film, please check with your instructor first.