ABC Fitness - Three 15 minute fitness sections

A : Awesome Abs : This portion of the class will focus on core strengthening.

B : Bodyweight Bootcamp : Students will use body weight as the source of resistance.

C : Circuit City : In this circuit section, clients will move through a series of stations using bands, steps, light weights, and other equipment.

Class ends with a 5-10 minute cool down. 


Ballet is the fundamental form from which all other dance styles stem. It teaches young dancers discipline and a strong work ethic while also focusing on strengthening and lengthening muscles. We teach a classically technique class focusing on vocabulary, correct posture and execution, and a strong understanding of the dancers’ body. Ballet is essential for any dancer wanting to excel in jazz or contemporary dance. Advanced dancers over the age of 10, may be invited to take Pointe. Only dancers enrolled in pointe may purchase pointe shoes, as dancers without enough strength can easily injure themselves.

Ballet/Tap Combo

For our younger dancers we offer a combination class where they will be introduced to the vocabulary and fundamentals of ballet, tumbling, and tap.  While they are learning those basics, we will truly be focusing on coordination, motor skills, body awareness and rhythm. Instructors use age appropriate music and movement to encourage listening skills, social interaction and fun!


Inspired by the beautifully sculpted long lean muscles of a dancer, this class will challenge you with a series of isometric contractions, ballet fundamentals and a dose of Pilates and yoga. You will build your core strength, lengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility while completely transforming your entire body. No dance experience required.  

Body Party / Femme Funk / Heels

Body Party is a jazz funk / urban movement based dance class focusing on  sensual movements.  The class focuses on celebrating your body , no matter size or shape.  You will leave class feeling confident!  Heels are recommended for class but not mandatory.  “Heels" focuses on the needs that are expected when auditioning professionally. It is important to be knowledgeable in high heels while dancing. This class gives you an incentive when interested in dancing professionally.


Breaking is a street style that is a great class to pair with Urban Choreography.  This class focuses on the four main aspects of breakdance: top rock, footwork, power moves, and freezes.  Dancer will work on strength, coordination, balance, and endurance.

Cardio Hip Hop

Cardio Hip Hop is a one stop, high energy, intense and efficient full body workout. The class uses varying combination of hip hop based dance moves to burn as many calories, and sweat as much as possible in the class time frame. 


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Strong technique is recommended but not mandatory. 

INDAFU - Indigenous Dance Fusion

INDAFU is a dynamic blend of dance styles from all across the world and all throughout history. Popular musical styles include West African, Middle Eastern, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, and even a little country line dancing! The format of the class is an action-packed hour of non-stop follow-along movement geared toward helping a dancer achieve mastery in movement from the ground up, and sweat away calories in the process. INDAFU is appropriate for all ages, body types, and dance experience levels, backed by an intention to bring the world together under the banner of indigenous humanity.


We will be incorporating jazz, musical theatre, lyrical, and contemporary technique and choreography into our jazz classes.  Beginning level dancers will focus strictly on jazz.  Once they have a strong understanding of jazz technique, then they can learn the styles that are derivative of it.

Stemming from a combination of Ballet, theatrical dance, social dances, and African dance, Jazz has grown into a technique focused on extentions, turns, and jumps.  Dancers work on stylizing their movement while also working on changing dynamics.  Lyrical takes jazz technique and focuses on the expressive side.  It is set to softer, emotionally driven music and works on body lines, expression and sustaining balance.  Contemporary follows the role of modern dance.  It works to find everything outside of the guidelines of traditional ballet and jazz technique.  Dancers are encouraged to find their own unique style and movement. 

Mat Pilates

Mat pilates is done on the floor using an exercise or yoga mat, which employs controlled breathing during body weight resisted movement to build core strength. Mat pilates involves performing pilates exercises on the floor using a pilates or yoga mat. In the mat class, the killer abdominal exercise the 100s is the first exercise. ... Aside from a serious focus on ab work, traditional pilates mat work includes a series of exercises to work the inner and outer thighs, as well as a series to strengthen the back, hamstrings, and glutes.

Muscle Blast

Muscle Blast is the perfect blend of high impact cardio moves, low impact weight training and a strong emphasis on carving your core. This is the one stop shop of training. It takes most people 3 hours of gym time to achieve what we accomplish in 55 minutes! Full body metabolic training at it’s finest. Bring your mat, a towel and plenty of water.

Parent and Me

Parent and Me classes follow a similar curriculum to the Ballet/Tap Combo classes, however they are geared for our youngest dancers!  A parent is asked to join the 2 year old dancers to help guide their transition into the dance studio environment.  Parents help to show the dancers they can trust the instructors and help to kid the dancers to follow along and learn the structure of class.  While workingthrough ballet, tumbling and tap, the dancers are truly learning basic coordination, social interaction, and basic class etiquette (waiting their turn, listening, responding, standing in line, clapping and supporting their peers).  On top of everything we have fun and celebrate our love for dance and music!

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole. It requires significant strength, flexibility, and endurance. It is a form of exercise involving athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and inverts using upper body and arm strength.


Popping is a street dance and one of the original funk styles that came from Fresno, CA. The dance is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body, referred to as a pop or a hit. This is done continuously to the rhythm of a song in combination with various movements and pose. Closely related illusory dance styles and techniques are often integrated into popping to create a more varied performance. These dance styles include the robot, waving and tutting.

Stretch and Strength

Our strength and strength class is a perfect addition for our dancers training in ballet and/or jazz.  We will split our focus between increasing flexibility and strengthen core muscles needed to support more advanced dance training.  We get the opportunity to really dive into a deeper understanding of how the dancers body works, why we need to work on certain muscle groups, and how we can achieve the results we want. 


Tap is a percussive style of dance that focuses on intricate footwork and musicality.  Dancers will learn to listen to music, count, and understand it while they learn a new vocabulary of tap steps and work on rhythm and patterns.

Urban Choreography / Jazz Funk (Hip Hop)

Urban choreography blends together the techniques from original street styles with current trends and styles.  This high energy class focuses on body awareness, coordination, grooves, and patterning.  More advanced levels focus on adapting to many different styles, incorporating many different dynamics and developing the dancers’ own voice and style.


The word yoga means to yoke or unite. In this ancient Indian practice the purpose is to bring unity to the mind, body and the spirit. Physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation are just a few of the techniques used to brings us to this one line of focus. A healthy limber body and calm and focused mind will help you to show up to life with your full attention and energy. Yoga Sculpt offers many of the same benefits of your Hatha practice. Postures that will align the body, breath, and mind plus the added benefit of a full body sculpt class. In this practice, you will utilize different forms of resistance such as lights weights, mini bands, gliders and exercise balls to tone and build long lean muscle. In a gently heated room you will build up a nice sweat and you'll leave feeling accomplished and relaxed! 

Zumba / Strong by Zumba

Take the "work" out of workout with this calorie torching, interval style dance party that is also known as exercise in disguise. This dance fitness class is set to Latin and World rhythms and is designed for everybody and every body! If you want an effective total body workout that combines cardio, muscle conditioning, a serious boost of energy and most of all FUN, then come party with us!

STRONG by Zumba® is a revolutionary high-intensity workout (HIIT) synced to specific music to motivate you to crush your ultimate fitness goals — think punching, kicking, burpees, pushups, and other high-impact moves. Body weight boot camp with party vibes!